Pillow Customization

How long does customization and delivery take?

Generally, it takes 10 to 14 working days excluding weekends. This includes design, customization and delivery (Free Shipping!).

How do I track the order progress?

Simply send us a message with your order number via the website, our Facebook page or Instagram.

How does the customization work?

  • Choose a pillow size
  • Upload a photo 
  • Choose single (print on one side) or double sided (print on both sides. Mirror image of your photo)
  • If single sided, you can choose to add a text behind the pillow (e.g. "Happy Birthday")

What is the recommended image quality?

Typically the larger the file size, the better quality the image. Smart phone quality usually works. Refer to the following guide for best results:

What is the pillow made of?

  • The pillow is made of ultra soft velvet polyester fabric 
  • It comes in a pillow case with inner poly cotton fillings and zip for easy removal

How do I wash it?

The pillow is machine washable and dryable. We would recommend spot cleaning with a wet cloth if it's not too dirty.

Do I have to edit and remove the background before uploading the photo?

No, our designer will remove the background for you. The pillow will be based on the cut-out shape (unless you specify square/rectangle pillow). 

Can I have more than one person/pet in the pillow?

Yes! we can do group photos at no additional charges. Simply upload the photo and we will create a pillow based on the outline of the group photo.

Will the pillow look exactly like my photo?

No, there will be some differences in color tone, clarity and shape. It is printed onto velvet fabric so it won't be 100% the same as your photo. Our designer will do their best to make the pillow look similiar to your photo. 

I'm sending it as a surprise gift. Will the pillow be visible and are there any receipts attached?

By default, our pillows come in a gift wrap and we mail them in a opaque polymailer bag so the recipient won't be able to find out it is a pillow untill they open it. No invoice/receipt will be attached.

I'm not sure if my photo is suitable. Could you advise or pick one for me?

Definitely! feel free to message us via the website/FB/IG and send us your photos. We will advise you if the photos are suitable.

Do you make square/rectangle pillows instead of cut-out shape?

Yes! just specify in the "Special instructions" section and tell us that you want to keep the background and make a square or rectangle pillow.